Group Members

Postdoctoral Scholars

*We currently do not have any funded openings for PDFs, however contact Dr. Bruce if you are eligible for independent funding and are interested in the group!

Graduate Students

Mekha P M hails from Kerala, India, and holds an MSc. in Applied Chemistry from CMS College, Kottayam and Mahama Ghandi University, Kottayam in her home state. With a keen interest in research, she conducted pioneering work in the area of Polymer Chemistry and Supramolecular Chemistry. Mekha’s research interest lies in the understanding of fundamentals of chemical reactions and she strives to contribute the advancement of scientific world by unravelling the exiting secrets hidden within these reactions. Beyond her academic pursuits, Mekha finds creative expression in poetry, using language to convey her thoughts and emotions.

Elizabeth Hildebrand is an incoming first year graduate student from University of Nevada, Las Vegas. She is originally from Washington State and is currently working on modifying the electronic state of semiconductor surfaces with organic reactions.

Undergraduate Students

Stephen Faussett is a 4th year undergraduate student currently working towards dual BS degrees in both Physics and Chemistry. He plans to move onto a graduate program in the future to complete a PhD in Chemistry, with emphasis on materials science. His current research focuses on utilizing photoelectron and absorption spectroscopies to characterize the chemical and electronic structure of iron-based perovskite materials for catalyst research. He hopes to advance technology in the field of energy conversion and is working hard everyday to inch closer towards achieving these goals.

Helen Tilahun joins the group as a summer undergraduate student. She is a second year biochemistry major with a keen interest in scientific exploration. Originally from Ethiopia, she moved to Las Vegas in 2010 and graduated from Atech High School.

Amal Berhan is born and raised in Las Vegas and is currently pursuing a Bachelors of Science in Biochemistry. As a member of the group, Amal’s work is focused on functionalizing the surface of silicon using organic reactions and characterizing it with XPS, UPS, IPES, etc. Her long term goal is to apply all that she has learned to combat climate change. Outside of the lab, Amal enjoys hiking, listening to history podcasts, and caring for her two cats.

*Contact Dr. Bruce for Research and Summer Student Opportunities. We are always on the lookout for excited, motivated undergraduates to join our team!